Activities of daily scrum in agile

The article about daily scrum activities followed by scrum team in agile methodology. This session is very useful to fresher’s and who recently move to scrum framework.

Activities of daily scrum in agile

The Scrum development team is self-organizing. The development team uses the daily scrum meeting to make sure that they are on track for achieving the sprint goal. The meeting takes place at the same time and place every day. Each scrum development team member gives the information as:

  • What I have accomplished since our last daily Scrum;
  • What I plan to accomplish between current and next daily Scrum
  • What is impediments my progress.

There might be brief clarifying questions and answers, however there is no discussion of any of these topics during the Daily Scrum. But many scrum teams meet right after the Daily Scrum to work on any issues that have come up.

Some of additional details about activities of daily scrum in agile as:

The Daily Scrum is not a reporting to management team, nor to the Product Owner, nor to the Scrum master. It is a communication meeting within the development team, to ensure that are all on the same page. Only the Scrum Team members, including Scrum Master and Product Owner, communicate during this meeting. Other interested persons or team can come and listen in. Based on what comes up in the meeting, the development Team sort out the work as needed to complete the Sprint Goal.

The Daily Scrum is a key element of Scrum, leading to transparency, trust, and best performance. It provides rapid recognition of problems, and promotes the scrum team’s self-organization and self-confidence. All Scrum meetings are time-boxed. The proposed time-box for the Daily Scrum is no more than fifteen minutes.

Definition of done in agile scrum

When the Product Increment is delivered, it needs to be “done” according to a shared understanding of what “done” means. This definition is different for every Scrum Team, as the scrum team grow up, the Definition of Done will enlarge and become stricter. The Definition of Done must always include the notion that the Product increment is of high quality to be shippable the Product Owner could select to release it immediately. The Product Increment includes the previous functionality of all previous Product Increments and is fully tested so that all completed Product Backlog items continue to work together.

Soon I will publish another blog about activities of daily scrum in agile.

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