Basic on SoapUI testing tutorial

The article about basic on SoapUI testing tutorial, this is my first session on SoapUI, it helps to all people like beginners and experience.

Basic on SoapUI testing tutorial

  • What is SoapUI.
  • Get to know about SOA and WebServices
  • SoapUI Test Structure.
  • Creating a sample Project /Importing project
  • Creation of TestSuites/Testcase/TestSteps
  • Request Pane &Response Pane
  • Invoking and getting results
  • Cloning the TestCase/TestSuite
  • Assertions in SoapUI
  • Transferring Properties
  • How to read values into request step
  • What is Groovy Scripting
  • Data Driven Testing-SoapUI PRO

What is SoapUI ?

  • SoapUI is Free and Open Source Functional Testing Tool mainly used for Web Service i.e. API testing.
  • It is also called as ReadyAPI.
  • Used for functional testing, security testing, load testing of both REST and SOAP based APIs.
  • Supports the groovy language only.
  • SOAP stands for “Simple Object Access Protocol”.

What technologies need to know?

  • Knowledge on following concepts would be required for better under standing.
  • XML
  • Web Services and SOA

Groovy Script (to do Automation)

Get to know about Web Services and SOA

  • What is a web service?

  • Web Service is a kind of software i.e. accessible over internet, it uses xml messaging system and describe interfaces to end users
  • Also known as ‘API’(Application Programming Interface)
  • A building block for ‘Service-Oriented Architecture’
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is Solution for making two software to communicate each other.


  • WSDL is a short form for Web Services Description Language,
  • The WSDL document is an XML file that contains the interface schema for the Web service.

SoapUI Test Structure

  • WorkSpaces:
  • A grouping of Projects.
  • Projects: Made up of
  • TestSuites:
  • Contain one or more TestCases.
  • TestCases:
  • Serves as a container for TestSteps also contain testRequest.
  • TestSteps:
  • Individual web service operation invocations.


Creating a sample Project /Importing project

  • Creating a new project is very straightforward. Just open the SOAP UI , select NEW SOAPUI project from the FILE menu and specify the project name and URL for the web service WSDL url
  • SOAP UI will get all details of the web service methods from the WSDL file and load all methods and their requests.


Soon I will publish my next session on SoapUI.



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