Brief on load testing an application

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Brief on load testing an application

At first, we will see why load testing require on web applications.

Why Load Test an Application

  • Does the web application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
  • Will the web application handle the expected user load and beyond that?
  • Will the web application handle the number of transactions required by the business?
  • Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?

Types of Performance Testing

Component Testing: Find out the behaviour and performance of each tier

Load Testing: Find out whether the application can handle the expected load upon deployment under real-world conditions or scenario.

Stress Testing: Find out the application’s breaking point. Apply testing that measures whether the application’s environment is properly configured to handle expected or potentially unexpected high transaction volumes.

Volume Testing: Find out the stability of the system with respect to handling large amounts of data over extended time periods.

Objectives of Performance Testing

Application Response Time – How long does it take to complete a task?

Reliability – How Stable is the system under a heavy work load?

Configuration Sizing – Which configuration provides the best performance level?

Capacity Planning – At what point does degradation in performance occur?

Acceptance – Is the system stable enough to go into Production?

Bottleneck Identification – What is the cause of degradation in performance?

Regression – Does the new version of Software adversely affect response time?

Product Evaluation – What is the best server for 100 users?

Functional vs. Load Web Testing

Objective of Functional test


Example – Do business processes function properly after implementation?

Objective of Load test


Example – Will 2,000 concurrent hits crash the server?


Example – Is response time acceptable according to specifications?

Functionality under load

Example – Do business processes function properly under heavy load?

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