Easy way to learn selenium

Easy ways to learn Selenium

Friends this is my first article about selenium, nowadays in market maximum openings are available for automation and especially for selenium, so I am trying to provide an easy way to learn selenium in such short period.

Easy ways to learn Selenium

Easy way to learn selenium

Selenium is an open source automation tool. In market Selenium 2.0 and 3.0 versions are available however selenium 2.0 version is more stable than 3.0.

I used selenium 2.0 and that is more comfortable with other third-party browsers but selenium default supported to firefox browser, Firefox browser more compatible with selenium. You will be not getting any issue while working with firefox.

But there is another prerequisite for selenium!!


Download java on your machine and check whether it is installed properly or not.


We require Eclipse neon software before start selenium, generally, we use to write java code in eclipse. Eclipse is integrated development environment (IDE).

How to download Eclipse:

Go to www.eclipse.org site and download Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers. After download, check eclipse Neon is available on your machine.

Once complete the above activities, cross-check java and eclipse both versions should be the same, otherwise, you may get issues while executing the programme.

For selenium script, it is essential to know about basic java, but don’t scare without knowing java also you are able to write the script in selenium.

Now we can move to selenium what actual we were looking an easy way to learn selenium

First of all, I would let you know, there is no another separate installation required for selenium, go to proper selenium www.seleniumhq.org site and download the selenium 2.0 jar files on your local drive.

Now you have selenium 2.0 jar files on your local drive. Selenium is nothing but WebDriver in another way both are same.


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Mozilla Firefox version 39

Selenium supported default browser to Firefox, however, Firefox 39 version is more compatible with Selenium WebDriver.

Just download Firefox 39 version appropriate site on your local driver, there will be a setup file downloaded.

Wait here!!, disconnect your internet connection before installing the Firefox 39 setup and make sure previously installed firefox browser version getting uninstalled from your machine.

If you do not disconnect your internet connection while installing the Firefox 39 version, the Firefox browser getting auto updated to the latest version.

After installation firefox 39 version, uncheck “Auto-Update” checkbox under Firefox browser settings and reconnect internet service. I am explicitly repeating firefox 39 version because of this is the only version is more compatible with selenium web driver.

Remember that we have downloaded selenium web driver jar files, now we will add same jar files at every project level in the eclipse, this is how easy to learn selenium.

In this article you have seen all the basic activities before start scripting in eclipse, I know you are excited to write your first selenium (WebDriver) script. There are some questions in your mind regarding selenium jar files. How to add jar files at project level? from where to add? in the eclipse

In the next article on testing notes, I will give you all the answers to your questions also we will write our first selenium script, my goal is to provide knowledge easy way to learn selenium.


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