Entry and Exit criteria in testing

Here we will see more details on Entry and Exit criteria in the across the testing activities and also will go through point to point description for both criteria.

This port most of the all fresher and experience people can use for their practical work and I have provided sufficient practical experience.

Entry and Exit criteria in testing

At first we will go with Entry Criteria

Entry Criteria


Business and Functional requirements documents complete.


Coding complete on functionality delivered for testing.

Unit testing documented and executed successfully on code delivered for testing.

Code migrated to QA environment.

Functional Design Documents reviewed with Development and QA Teams.

Solution walk-through conducted between QA and Development team.

QA Testing:

Test plan developed and approved by the stakeholders.

Test Environment Ready including conversion data, configuration, and code.

Test scripts developed and data prepared in QA environment.

Test scripts reviewed by QA Lead and ready for execution.


Now we are moving to Exit criteria

Exit Criteria

Script Development:

Test scenario walk-through conducted between QA and Development Team to ensure test coverage of requirements in scope. Scripts developed/updated in Mercury Quality Center (MQC) for Functional Verification, Systems Integration, Regression and End to End Test phases.


Code/Build review completed by Development Lead and documented in Assignment Database. Build dependencies clearly identified and documented in Release tab of the Lotus Notes Assignment Database. Functional Design Documents updated and reviewed with Development and QA Teams. Technology operational documents updated (Run Books etc) with any procedures, schedules or system changes.

Script Execution:

Test scripts execution complete in MQC and test results documented with screenshots. Defect, if any raised and referenced to failed scripts. All “Critical” and “High” QA defects have been resolved or an exception action plan has been defined and approved by the  Production Support Team (CCB). Test results reviewed and validated by QA Lead.

Test Exit:

Testing exit walk-through conducted by QA Lead with all stakeholders and signed-off received. Work Management System and Assignment Database updated with summary of testing results and required documentation completed and attached. Inventory of high level Integration and End to End scenarios provided to BSC for UAT preparation. Data required for UAT execution requested and identified in environment and ready for execution.

Will soon provide you more details on Entry and Exit criteria.


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