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    1.What is the difference between white box, black box, and gray box testing?
    Black box testing is a testing strategy based solely on requirements and specifications. Black box testing requires no knowledge of internal paths, structures, or implementation of the software being tested.
    White box testing is a testing strategy based on internal paths, code structures, and implementation of the software being tested. White box testing generally requires detailed programming skills.
    There is one more type of testing called gray box testing. In this we look into the “box” being tested just long enough to understand how it has been implemented. Then we close up the box and use our knowledge to choose more effective black box tests.

    2. Can you explain usability testing?
    Usability testing is a testing methodology where the end customer is asked to use the software to see if the product is easy to use, to see the customer’s perception and task time. The best way to finalize the customer point of view for usability is by using prototype or mock-up software during the initial stages. By giving the customer the prototype before the development start-up we confirm that we are not missing anything from the user point of view

    3.What are the categories of defects?
    1.Wrong: The requirements have been implemented incorrectly. This defect is a variance from the given specification.
    2.Missing: There was a requirement given by the customer and it was not done. This is a variance from the specifications, an indication that a specification was not implemented, or a requirement of the customer was not noted properly.
    3.Extra: A requirement incorporated into the product that was not given by the end customer. This is always a variance from the specification, but may be an attribute desired by the user of the product. However, it is considered a defect because it’s a variance from the existing requirements.

    4.On what basis is the acceptance plan prepared?
    In any project the acceptance document is normally prepared using the following inputs. This can vary from company to company and from project to project.
    1.Requirement document: This document specifies what exactly is needed in the project from the customers perspective.
    2.Input from customer: This can be discussions, informal talks, emails, etc.
    3.Project plan: The project plan prepared by the project manager also serves as good input to finalize your acceptance test.

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