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    1. Tell me about your professional experience?
    2. Currently for which client you are working?
    3. What type of SAP testing you have conducted in your previous project?
    4. What is BPT framework?
    5. What type of different testing techniques you have conducted in manual testing?
    6. What is the difference between BVA and ECP?
    7. How do you develop effort estimation?
    8. What is Static testing and dynamic testing?
    9. Can you speak 2 mins about Scrum methodology?
    10. Do you have any idea on database concepts?
    11. Actually what have you done in your database testing project?
    12. Difference between Priority and Severity?
    13. You raised a defect. But developer not accepted that defect. What you will do in this case?
    14. You raised a defect. But that defect is wrong defect. What you will do in this case? What action you will take to avoid this kind of defects in future?
    15. What is mean by Concurrency testing and Recovery Testing?
    16. What are the factors you consider while going for automation?
    17. How you raise the defects in QC?
    18. What are the different tabs available in QC?
    19. What is the purpose ‘Requirements’ Tab? Have you used in your project?
    20. How can you run the tests in QC?
    21. What are the different QTP versions you have worked so far?
    22. What are the different types of object repositories available in QTP?
    23. How can you display the message box?
    24. How can you reverse a string?
    25. How can you find the length of a string?

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