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    Following questions will help you to crack interviews for BFSI domain

    1.Explain Money Market Vs Capital Market?

    2.Explain Investment Bank? Why should invest?

    3.Does IB provide normal/retail bank facilities?

    4.Explain Exchanges vs OTC?

    5.Explain Common Stocks Vs Preferred Stocks?

    6.Explain Debentures Vs Warrants?

    7.What are the debt instruments?

    8.Bonus Issue Vs Stock Split?

    9.Clearing Entities, Settlement Entities?

    10.Explain Trade Life Cycle

    11.Why company issue bonus shares?

    12.What is EBITDA?

    13.Bank Rate Vs Base Rate?

    14.Repo Rate Vs Reserve Repo Rate?

    15.Role of Central Bank?

    16.What is SLR? CDS?

    17.What are the basel normns?

    18.Derivatives? Swaps? Options?

    19.What are the combinations of interest rate swaps?

    20.Hedgers vs Spectaculars?

    21.Govt bonds Vs Corporate bonds ?

    22.Mergers and acquisitions?

    23.Retail bank Vs commercial bank ?

    24.Explain Credit unions ?

    25.What is IPO ?

    26.Describe mutual fund in details?

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