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    Go through below interview questions and it helps you to crack interview.

    1. Tell me about the project (project). What were your roles and responsibilities?
    2. Did you prepare Test Plan on your own or were you assisting somebody in preparing the Test Plan? What was your role?
    3. What are the contents of Test Plan?
    4. What is Test Strategy?
    5. What is Impact Analysis? How did you do it?
    6. What is Severity and Priority?
    7. Examples of:
    a. High Severity and Low Priority bug.
    b. Low Severity and High Priority bug.
    8. What is Test Approach? How will you convince the customer about the Test Approach you are following?
    9. What are the different testing techniques you have used in your project?
    10. What are Joins? Explain different types of Joins?
    11. What is referential integrity?
    12. If you delete Primary Key what impact will it have on foreign key?
    13. There are two tables with same structure and the data has been migrated from one table to another table. How will you test that the data is migrated to another table?
    14. How much comfortable are you in QTP?
    15. What is Data Driven Testing?

    Next questions

    1) Are you working as contractor or employee?
    2) How many years of experience do you have?
    3) How big is the team in the current project?
    4) What are your roles & responsibilities?
    5) What are the inputs that are to be considered to prepare the Test Plan?
    6) Do you have the test plan or you prepare the test plan?
    7) What are the sections in use cases?
    8) For which type of testing used use cases?
    9) How do you develop effort estimation?
    10) The PM says test team can’t take xxx hr for testing which is more than development effort, then how do you convince?
    11) What kind of SDLC you are following?
    12) Different types of testing?
    13) Performance Testing?
    14) What is stress testing?
    15) Defect management tool version?
    16) Can you write test plan using QC? Do you mention exit criteria in test plan written in QC?
    17) Did you use Dashboard in QC?
    18) Defect life cycle?
    19) Development team says “no it’s not a defect”, what would u do?
    20) You raised a defect, there is no time to fix, what do you say?
    21) Explain UAT vs Beta testing
    22) Do you have automation experience
    23) What percentage of manual & automation?
    24) When do you go for automation?
    25) Comfortable with SQL?
    26) What are the databases you used and version?
    27) Do you participate in normalizing the data?
    28) Do you use queries or you get from other source?
    29) What are the joins?
    30) What is the inner join & outer join?
    31) What is a candidate key?
    32) What is unique key? Does it accept a null value? Does it accept more than one null value? Why?
    33) Have you worked on Client/Server architecture?
    34) Explain 2-tier/ 3-tier architecture?
    35) Server is placed in Delhi, we have clients placed in hyd, chennai, banglore and pune then what are the testing types will u conduct?
    36) How do you test a pen?

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