GPS testing functions in mobile

This article about GPS testing functions with required accessories like Accelerometer, Hardware keys also this article use for fresher’s, they can start their beginning from this article.


     GPS testing functions in mobile

Testing GPS functionality, Accelerometer, Hardware keys

  • If your application requires use of the following hardware features, your test cases also cover to test for important scenarios when they are not available.
  • Hardware keys – Camera application using a dedicated camera button, Task or Event Manager applications using hardware buttons to snooze a reminder, media players using volume and other keys. Some apps also use the power button to provide additional functionality or shortcuts to application behavior
  • Accelerometer – Applications that make use of accelerometer require testing to ensure that the readings are being recorded accurately and utilized correctly within the applications. This test case might be relevant to applications like Star Maps, Pedometers, Jump trackers, 3D visualization applications.
  • GPS technology– How your Navigation applications respond if the GPS is disabled or turned off abruptly during operation?
  • Any other sensor – If your application depends on additional sensors for temperature, luminosity or any accessory that provides additional functionality, then make sure that you have tested all conditions when they are unavailable or do not function accurately

Network Connectivity Issues – GPRS, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Intermittent connectivity, No connectivity

Most of the applications are developed in the presence of Wi-Fi which provides good network connectivity. However it’s important to test applications in the real world where the user might not have access to Wi-Fi. Usually when people are on the move, network connectivity is intermittent with connection being dropped once in a while. Network speeds also vary based on the users locations and the what kind of connectivity they are paid for the availed services. Applications must be able to handle these situations gracefully and must be tested.

Test Mobile and web app updates

Does your mobile apps have a server side component or a web service it uses? Does the mobile apps need an update when the server side component is updated? make sure there is a test case to track this to avoid any human error.


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