How to become a penetration tester

The article presents How to become a penetration tester. This is very valuable session as per penetration tester point of view and lot of things to learn through this article.

How to become a penetration tester

A penetration tester is a type of network security professional that tries to break into or find possible activities in different computer systems and software.

You can consider them as a kind of hacker. They generally are expected to run a number of tests, generally based around network penetration, and fill out assessment reports about what they have discovered.

The role of a penetration tester is very critical as issue of protecting the most critical data of the organization. A minor error can create both the parties (penetration tester and his client) on risk.

Qualified Penetration Testers

Complete test can be performed only by a qualified penetration tester. Either qualified internal expert (tester) or a qualified external expert may perform the penetration test until they are organizationally independent.

Here are some additional guidelines of How to become a penetration tester?


A certified person can perform penetration testing. Certification held by the tester is the indication of his skill sets of capable penetration tester.

How to become a penetration Tester and his roles


  • Identify the unproductive allocation of tools and technology.
  • Testing across internal and external security systems
  • Pinpoint exposures to protect the very important critical data.
  • Discover precious knowledge of vulnerabilities and risks throughout the infrastructure.
  • Reporting and prioritizing remediation recommendations to ensure that the security team is utilizing their time in the most effective way.

Experienced penetration tester can write a good report, as writing professional report of penetration testing is an art that needs to be learnt separately.

What is penetration Report Writing?

In penetration testing, report writing is a complete task that includes methodology, procedures, proper explanation of report, detailed example of testing report, and tester’s professional experience and shared with the senior management staff and technical team.




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