How to write test cases in excel sheet, test case example

The article about How to write test cases in excel sheet. This article complete written based on practical industry experiences. It will help you to crack your interviews.Moreover, we will also cover topics like test case template, test case example (test cases for pen), test plan template, test scenario (test scenario template), testing life cycle and related topics so that you get thorough knowledge in this article. We will proceed step by step so keep patience till end.

We will begin with procedure of writing test case in excel sheet. This is first test case example where we will begin with basics.

How to write test cases in excel sheet example

Before sharing practical experiences of test case example, You can read some basic definition and standard parameters of the Test Cases. We will also focus on test case template after covering basic definitions of these terms.

What is Test case?

A test case is a document, which contain set of test data, prerequisite, Action, expected results and post conditions, developed for a particular test case scenario to verify compliance against a specific functionality requirement.

Test Case act as the starting point for the test execution, and after providing set of input values or test data, the application has a final outcome and leave the system at some end point or also known as execution post condition.

We will need to know standard test case parameters to write test case in excel sheet. Along with knowing the definition of test case, you also must be aware of test scenario template, testing life cycle which is explained further in this article.

Following standard Test Case Parameters as:

Test Case ID

Test Scenario

Test Case Description

Test Steps


Valid and invalid Test Data

Actual Result

Expected Result

Test Parameters

Environment Information


Status – Pass or Fail

Let’s I am going to share with you practical industry experiences. It will help you additionally in writing a test case. Test case examples especially test cases for pen will clear much concepts.

In the organization regularly or practically we are using test case execution tools like Quality Centre, Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to write a test cases. Each tool has define their own test case template structure.

Like I work with Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and writing the test cases in following way.

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Before proceeding to writing test case in excel sheet example we will see some Test Case parameters:



Test Data

Expected Result

Scenario Description : User successfully login to application by using valid credentials
No Action Expected Result
1 Login Screen: Log in to ABC application using valid user. User ID: admin and Password: admin Home screen is displayed
2 Home Screen: Verify the following sections are displayed Home Content search Document Search Calendar User Profile Help

Following sections are displayed as: Home Content search Document Search Calendar User Profile Help

3 Home Screen: Click on “User Profile” tab section and Verify the “User Profile” page is displayed User Profile screen is displayed
4 User Profile Screen: Verify the default User details are displayed including User ID and Passwords User details are displayed including User ID and Passwords
5 User Profile Screen: Enter the User registration date and click on “Save” button User Profile Screen successfully updated with specified registration date.

Always maintain the valid and invalid test data with you. Because, while preparing test execution report you should provide set of all executed test data.

Above information were primary article about “How to write test cases in excel sheet example”. I have explained exact procedure of writing a test cases in excel sheet which was test case example. On your request, we have also covered “Test case for login page“, “test cases for pen“, “How to write test scenarios” and basic definition and overview of related terms like test scenario, testing life cycle, test case templates.

Let us first begin with Test case management before proceeding to other test case examples or test plan template. Initially we need to identify test case management tools and lots of pre-requisites to initiate testing process such as Test case management.

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Test case Management

Now by using Test case management tools, it is simple to manage all testing process, also following tools are available to maintain all process like test case scenario, test case template, test plan template and how to write test cases etc.

  • Test Lab
  • QTest
  • Test Link
  • Quality center
  • PractiTest
  • TFS

Test cases for login page:

Now, we will begin with most awaited test cases for login page. After tis we will also explain ‘test cases for pen‘ so that you get more clearity. We usually write test cases for login page for every application. Almost every login page should have the following fields:

Email/Phone Number/Username’ – Textbox

Password- Textbox

Login Button

Remember Me – Checkbox

Keep Me Signed In- Checkbox

Forgot Password- Link

Sign up/Create an account-button


There are lots of test cases examples, test scenario, test plan templates which are available specially on Test cases for login page and same I will be mentioned in my upcoming article.

We will also be focusing on test case example for manual testing and test case example for web application.

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Test Plan template:

After completing the test case for login page, now lets focus on Test Plan Template. Test Plan is use for to decide common strategy that will be applied across the testing an application. Test plan template is one of the important points of this article.

(Name of the Product)

Prepared by:

(Names of Preparers)



1.0           INTRODUCTION


2.1          Objectives

2.2          Tasks

3.0          SCOPE

4.0          Testing Strategy

4.1          Alpha Testing (Unit Testing)

4.2          System and Integration Testing

4.3          Performance and Stress Testing

4.4          User Acceptance Testing

4.5          Batch Testing

4.6          Automated Regression Testing

4.7          Beta Testing

5.0          Hardware Requirements

6.0          Environment Requirements

6.1          Main Frame

6.2          Workstation

7.0          Test Schedule

8.0          Control Procedures

9.0          Features to Be Tested

10.0        Features Not to Be Tested

11.0        Resources/Roles & Responsibilities

12.0        Schedules

13.0        Significantly Impacted Departments (SIDs)

14.0        Dependencies

15.0        Risks/Assumptions

16.0        Tools

17.0        Approvals

Test plan template was explained in a detailed manner so that no part of test case template and test plan template were left untouched. No let us see testing life cycle.

Testing Life cycle:

Software Testing Life Cycle refers to testing process which has specific steps to be executed in a definite sequence to ensure that the quality goals have been met. In STLC process, each activity is carried out in a planned and systematic way. Each phase has different goals and deliverables. Let us focus on each and every aspect of Testing Life Cycle in detail.

Following the sequences of Software testing life cycle:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Test Planning
  • Test case design
  • Test case execution
  • Test case cycle end

Sequence of Testing life cycle must be maintained as given above. If you have any doubts regarding testing life cycle, you can ask in the comment section below.

Test Scenario: 

Here begins other important point, that is, testing scenario where we will cover test scenario template, how to write test scenarios and test case template xls. Let me describe in detail, while creating a test scenario, at first need to mention Test scenario id in sequentially. Specify the referred document names for future purpose also write test scenario description like what and how need to test the functionality. Provide the importance to test scenario like High, Medium or low etc.

Mention the number of test cases which are created based on the same scenario. I am giving the particle example to easily understand. Now we will focus in detail on test scenario template.

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Test scenario template:

Test scenario is the pre-requisite of the test cases. That is the reason why we have added test scenario template in test case example article.  The various type of test scenario template is used in industry. I am going to provide very simple test scenario template to get more clarity.

We need to refer excel to mentioned following points such as:

  • Test Scenario ID
  • Requirement Reference document
  • Test Scenario description
  • Importance – in other words priority
  • of Test Cases

We have given basics of test Scenario, then test case template. Now let us focus on how to write test scenarios or procedure in writing test scenarios.

How to write test scenarios: 

Here I am providing one example for how to write test scenario on login page. Assuming that we have created all columns in a excel.

Test Scenario id – 1

Requirement Reference document – Login to application (xxxx)

Test scenario description

To login application successfully with valid credentials

Provide valid user name in the User Name text box

Provide valid Password in the Password text box

Verify the user successfully login to the application.

Importance– High

No of Test cases – 1

Writing test scenario” is a practical thing for which you need to have your concepts clear regarding test scenario which is explained above.

Test Case Example:

Here comes the test case example. We have seen ‘how to write a test case in excel sheet‘ in detail, then test case for login page. Lets see on more test cases for pen.

  1. No – 1

Test Case Description – Verify the successful login with valid user

Actual Results – Provide valid user details with password

Expected – User successfully logged in to Application

Test Data – User Name and Password

Test cases for pen:

Before creating the test cases for pen, we need to think about what exactly the product requirement. Explore the more ideas about same product. Now basically we are looking test cases on pen.

There are some pre-requisites to write test cases for pen is, pen must have a refill and refill must have ink.

  1. Verify the user is able to hold the pen comfortably
  2. Verify the user is able to write smoothly
  3. Verify the ink flow, It should not overflow
  4. Verify the pen material quality is good not to hard
  5. Verify the brand name or company name should be mentioned on the pen
  6. Verify the other refills fits or not in the same pen.
  7. Verify the user can write on any type paper like smooth, rough, thick, thin, glossy etc.
  8. Verify the pen cap is opened smoothly
  9. Verify the pen gripper is verify smooth
  10. Verify the color of the ink like black, blue, green.

We have almost covered major sections of test case template, test plan template excel and also how to write test cases.

Test cases Template

Test Case template is varying to company to company, as all companies are using different test case templates, here i have mentioned standard template

  • No
  • Test Case description
  • Actual result
  • Expected Result
  • Test Data

How to write test cases using tools

We can write an test cases in excel as well as in Test management tools like, JIRA, qtest, MTM and they are following the similar format for test case writing.

Writing test cases

The main goal is writing test cases define “what” and “how”.  It is part of process in the test strategy.

Both knowledge and experience is required for writing test cases.

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Types of Test cases

There are different types of test cases, functional test cases, user interface test cases in short UI test cases, performance test cases, integration test cases, usability test cases, database test cases, User Acceptance test cases.

I will explain some important testing type in short and remaining are described in my other articles.

Functional Testing

In simple terms, Functional Testing is a type of software testing whereby the system is tested against the functional requirements/specifications. Functions (or features) are tested by feeding them input and examining the output. Functional testing ensures that the requirements are properly satisfied by the application.

User Interface Testing

 User interface testing, a testing technique used to identify the presence of defects is a product/software under test by using Graphical

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is defined as a type of testing to ensure applications will perform well under their expected workload.

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Conclusion of article:

In this detailed article, I have given how to write test cases in excel with example. Also I have given the test cases for login page and test cases for pen for more clarity about this topic. Theory concepts of each practical application was also provided. Test plan template, test case template, test case example, test scenario and testing life cycle were some of the highlights of this article.

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in comment section. I will answer them all.

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