Main artifacts of a scrum project management

This article about Scrum artifacts such as:

Product Backlog

The requirements for the product are listed in the Product Backlog. Always changing, dynamically prioritized list of requirements ordered by Business Value.

Burndown Chart

The Burndown chart shows the amount of work remaining per Sprint.

Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog contains all the committed User Stories for the current Sprint broken down into Tasks by the Team.

I have described below information, like how the Scrum artifacts works in the scrum project management.

Main artifacts of a scrum project management

The primary artifact of a Scrum project is, the product itself. The Scrum model expects the scrum team to bring the product or applications to a potentially shippable state at the end of every scrum sprint.
The product backlog is a complete list of the all functionality that remains to be added to the product. The Scrum product backlog is prioritized by the product owner so that the Scrum team always works on the high priority important features at first. The famous and successful way to create a product backlog is to display with created new user stories, which are descriptive of the functionality described from the respective users or customers.
In Scrum project management, on the first day of a sprint and during the sprint planning meeting, also team members creates the sprint backlog. The sprint backlog can be assumed as the scrum team’s To-Do list for the sprint. Whereas a product backlog is a list of functionalities to be built (described in the form of user stories), the sprint backlog is the list of tasks the team needs to perform in order to deliver the functionality they committed to deliver during the sprint.
Two other primary artifacts of the Scrum agile process are the sprint burndown chart. Burndown charts shows the quantity of work remaining either in a Scrum sprint or a build release. That is very effective tool for determining at a glance whether a sprint or release is on schedule to have all planned work finished by the expected date.



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