Practical examples of priority and severity in software testing

This article helps you to increase your knowledge on priority and severities. Also I have shared all practical examples of priority and severity in software testing.

Practical examples of priority and severity in software testing

Here some of basic scenario’s as:

Show Stopper bug: 4 – Application is not in condition to test further functionalities.

Important bug: 3 – Important functionality is not working however able to test application.

Minor bug: 2 – Bug exist in main functionality but able to test sub module or other module.

Cosmetic bug: 1 – Issues in location of the object and feel issue.

Let now discuss some of practical examples of High Priority to Low Severity:

High Priority and High Severity:

  1. Show stopper bugs are added under this category, Severity as High, to set up Priority as High is Project manager’s call or business team, it means QA team not able to continue testing due to blocker Bugs.
  2. Another example is Server error displayed when user access the testing URL. While login to system “Run time error” displayed, so due to which QA is not able to proceed the testing further.

High Priority and Low Severity:

  1. On the main page of the web site, spelling mistake in the name of the web site is surely a High Priority issue. In terms of functionality it is not breaking anything so we can mark as Low Severity, but making bad impact on the reputation of web site. So it highest priority to fix this.

Example: Google is the search engine and if there is spelling mistake in the Google name on the main page, so this scenario comes under High Priority and Low Severity.

Low Priority and High Severity:

  1. The last year calendar events report is not generating correctly from the application. User is already entered in current year and requires only current year calendar event report. So in this case such bugs as High Severity, this is bugs occurring while generating report. But as per project manager or business team, this is low priority issue as maximum users accessing only current year reports.
  2. Some of informative pages are crashing like disclaimer, Privacy policy etc. Might possible will impact other major functionality of system so the Severity of the bug is high but as it is informative pages so many users will not accessing this pages. It is mark as Low Priority as per project manager or business team.

Low Priority & Low Severity:

  1. Incomplete text published on the confirmation error message like “You have registered success” instead of successfully.
  2. Dot missing after completing one sentence in the informative screen.



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