Practically how to create defect report in TFS

The article about practically how to create defect report in TFS, and it is very useful to beginners who’s going to start using team foundation server in their organizations. This is real industry knowledge, I am going to share with you.

Practically how to create defect report in TFS

Use Word Document

Always prefer office word application to prepare defect report, it helps to remove grammatical mistakes and typo.

Peer review

Always review your defect report by your senior team member if you are beginner in testing. It helps you to grow.

Login to team foundation server and connect with your project

Refer the below provided TFS screen, as there is Bug icon is highlighted.

TFS bug

By clicking Bug icon, new Bug report popup will be displayed, providing you a snapshot of new Bug report so you can understand thoroughly.

                         New Bug Window

Now refer your created office word document, then let start, how to enter defect parameters in the new report one by one.

  1. At first, provide mentioned Defect title in the title text box and always provide Environment, module name and screen name initially.
  2. Mention developer name in Assigned to you, ask your seniors if you are not aware.
  3. Select project path in Area drop down, so it will show in proper area/path when the management team accessing the reports
  4. Select Sprint number, like 3.4.5
  5. Select Priority from tester point of view
  6. Provide all defect report contents in Description section, like Test Data, Steps to Reproduce, Actual Result, Expected Result, Attachments
  7. Provide an attachment with defect, you can take a screenshot in Photoshop, Mspaint and Office word.
  8. There is comments section in new bug popup, you can add comments if you provide additional information to development team or business team.

Definitely this article will helps you to increase your awareness, soon I will publish more information on my practical industry experience.

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