Product backlog in agile scrum

The article about Product backlog in agile scrum. Product backlog is the main sources of sprint, before start sprint planning, it comes in focus.

Product Backlog in agile scrum

This is repository where the business requirements or items are tracked in the form of user stories with details on the no of business requirements to be completed for each sprint release. It should be maintained and prioritized by scrum master, product owner and it should be distributed to the scrum team. Team can also request for new requirement addition or modification or deletion activities.

Phases of Scrum testing:

There are three phases of scrum testing, elaborated as follows:

 • Test Design

1. User stories are used for development of test cases .User stories are written by the product owner. User stories are short description with test documentations of functionalities of the system under test.
2. Test Cases are developed based on user stories which should be approved by business analysts and the customers

•Test Execution

1. Test case execution is carried out in a lab where both tester and developer work on same .
2. Defect are logged in Defect Management tool like TFS and so on which are tracked on a daily basis. Each defect can be discussed during scrum meeting
3. Defects are retested as soon as it is fixed and deployed for testing

•Test Automation

1. This also gains importance due to short delivery timelines. Generally for regression testing scenarios
2. Test Automation can be achieved by utilizing various open source or paid tools available in the market.
3. This proves effective in ensuring that everything that needs to be tested was covered. Sufficient Test coverage can be achieved with the close interaction with the team.


1. Sprint(Cycle) meeting is held at the beginning to decide the scope of sprint, understand the product backlog, task estimates and assignments
2. Daily 15 to 20 minutes meeting will be held where participants answer three questions.
Last 24 hours tasks (development status)
Plan for next 24 hours tasks
What are all impediments of the tasks?

Sprint Burn down Charts

Each day, Scrum Master records the estimated remaining work for the sprint. This is nothing but the Burn Down chart. It is updated daily.

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