Quality assurance vs Quality control in software testing

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Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control in Software testing

Quality Assurance

Quality Control

1. Quality Assurance is a focus on process like defining, deploying, continuous improving with the goal of defect prevention. 1. Quality Control is a focus on products  like execution of application with the goal of defect detection.
2. Activities are related with prevention of deficiencies. In other words QA Testing is a preventive action. 2. Activities are related with detention of deficiencies. In other words Quality Control is corrective action.
3. Quality Assurance people focus on the process by conducting reviews, meetings, walkthroughs using check lists and issue lists. 3. Quality Control people focus on the product by conducting the inspections and audits.
4. Quality Assurance is perceived as management’s eyes and ears. 4. Quality Control is perceived as the professional’s role.

Following are the more differences  Quality Assurance vs Quality Control in software testing

1. The goal of Quality Assurance is to prevent introducing defects in the software application which help to improve the development and testing processes.


1. The goal of Quality Control is to identify the defects in the software application after it is developed.


2. QA is Pro-active means it identifies weaknesses in the processes.


2. QC is Reactive means it identifies the defects and also corrects the defects or bugs also. It does not involve executing the program or code. It always involves executing the program or code.


3. All peoples who are involved in the developing software application as responsible for the quality assurance.


3. Testing team is responsible for Quality control
4. Quality Assurance is process oriented


4. Quality Control is product oriented
5. Quality Assurance basically aim to prevention of defects to improve the quality 5. Quality Control basically aim to detection of defects to improve the quality.
6. It identifies weakness in processes to improve them 6. It identifies defects to be fixed
7. Verification is an example of Quality Assurance. 7. Validation/Software Testing is an example of Quality Control.
8. It is a staff function 8. It is a line function

More details about Quality Assurance in software testing:

Quality Assurance (QA): The use of software quality that assures that the standards, processes, and procedures are appropriate for the project and are correctly implemented or applied. Statistical Tools and techniques can applied for both Quality Assurance & Quality Control. When they are applied to processes or compliance (process inputs and operational parameters), they are called Statistical Process Control (SPC) and it becomes the part of Quality Assurance.

More details about Quality Control in software testing:

Quality Control (QC): The use of software quality that checks that the project complies with standards, processes, and procedures, and that the project produces the required internal and external (deliverable) products. When the statistical tools and techniques are applied to finished products means process outputs, they are called as Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and comes under Quality Control.


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