Test coverage with conditions in software testing

This article helps you to increase your basic concept of test coverage with conditions in software testing also your doubts will resolved regarding test coverage conditions by this article.

Test coverage with conditions in software testing

What is test coverage with conditions in software testing?

Test coverage measures the amount of testing performed by a set or suit of test. We can count things and can tell whether or not each of those things has been tested by some test, then we can measure coverage and is known as test coverage.

Formula of Test coverage

100% coverage does not mean 100 Percentage tested. Coverage techniques measure only one dimension of a multi-dimensional concept. Two different test cases may achieve exactly the same coverage but the input data of one may find an error that the input data of the other doesn’t.

Types of coverage

There are many types of test coverage in software testing. Test coverage can be used at any level of the testing. Test coverage can be measured based on a number of different structural elements in a system, module or component. Coverage testing can be measured at component level, integration level or system or acceptance levels.

Also you can measure test coverage for each of the specification based techniques as:

Equivalence partitioning technique: percentage of equivalence partitions exercised (Could measure valid and invalid partition coverage separately)

Build Verification Acceptance technique: percentage of boundaries exercised (Could also separate valid and invalid boundaries if required)

Decision tables: percentage of business rules table columns tested.

State transition testing: there are a number of possible coverage measures.

Percentage of states visited

Percentage of valid transitions exercised

Percentage of invalid transitions exercised

The coverage measures for specification based techniques would apply at which test level the technique has been used

Now here I have provided some of details about coverage.

Following different types of coverage as:

Statement coverage

Decision coverage

Condition coverage



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