Test Plan

Test Plan

The Test Plan, on the other hand, actually provides a plan for the testing period itself. It includes who will test what and when. It normally contains at least a link to the completed testing artifacts. It sometimes will include the same sections as the Test Strategy, provided as a “reminder”. I personally prefer to provide a test plan late in the construction phase, roughly 2 weeks prior to the test effort. If it is provided earlier, it inevitably needs to be updated.

The Test Plan document would take one of those blocks and put more detail around it. For example, it would define entry and exit criteria, who would do the testing, when the testing takes place, success criteria, etc.

Test Strategy

Test Strategy is generally initiated by Project Manager, where he figures out what tests to be applied on the build and he decides what are the relevant tests to be done on the build received.

Test Plan is prepared by Team Lead, and where he decides – when to Test, What to Test, How to Test and Whom to Test?

Test plan contains the following Sections:

1. History- A brief history of the project
2. Introduction-Brief intro about the project and the document
3. Features to be tested: Also termed as SCOPE
4. Test Strategy: Consisting of the following-
a. Different types of Testing to be conducted-Smoke, Functional, etc…
b. Plan for automation with respect to each Testing
c. Test cycle execution process-Frequency of build availability
d. Suspension and Resumption criteria
e. Test Stop criteria
f.  Metrics
5. Test Environment
6. Test Deliverables
7. Schedule
8. Risks and assumptions
9. References
10.Approvals / Test Certifications

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