Web Testing : 4 Important Points for Functionality Testing

The article is about Functionality Testing which includes test forms in all pages, Cookies Testing, Validate your HTML/CSS and Database Testing.



4 Major Points that you need to remember about Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing :

Following major points are provided in details which helps to increase the knowledge of functionality Testing.

Test forms in all pages:

Every Forms are the integral part of the any web site. Generally Forms are used to get information from users and to keep interaction with them. So what should be checked on these forms?
• At first check all the validations on each field.
• To check for the default values of fields.
• To check Wrong inputs to the fields in the forms.
• Options to create forms if any, form delete, view and modify the forms.
Let’s take example new users signup steps. Each sign up step is different but dependent on other steps. So sign up flow should get executed correctly. There are different field validations like email Ids, contact details, financial information validations. All these validations should get verified in manual or automated web testing.

Cookies testing:

Cookies testing is very important point under web functionality testing.

Cookies are small files stored on user system. These are basically use to maintain the session mainly login sessions. Test the application by enabling or disabling the cookies in your browser options. Test if the cookies are encrypted before writing to user machine. If you are testing the session cookies (i.e. cookies expire after the sessions ends) check for login sessions and user stats after session end and to check effects on application security by deleting the cookies. (Soon I will provide more information in details )

Validate your HTML/CSS:

Check how to validate your website HTML and CSS:

If you are optimizing your site for Search engines then HTML and CSS validation is most important. Mainly validate the site for HTML syntax errors. Check if site is crawlable to different search engines.

Database testing:

I think  following information is useful on Database testing is major part of functionality Testing as:

Data consistency is very important in web application Testing. Check the data integrity and errors while you add, edit, delete, modify the forms or do any DB related functionality.
Check if all the database queries are executed correctly, data is retrieved correctly and also updated correctly from database. More on database testing could be load on DB.

Above major practical points are we seen under web testing.

Soon I will publish more information about functionality testing for my readers.

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