Web Testing: Important details on Stress testing

Complete details about Stress Testing – Its Needs & Goals.




Here we will Important details on Stress testing

Stress testing in brief as:

Stress means stretching the system beyond its specification limits. Web stress testing is performed to break the site by giving stress and verify the how system recovers from crashes.

Stress is generally given on input fields like text boxes, login and password credentials screen.

In web performance testing check the web site functionality on different operating systems and different hardware platforms also check with different software and hardware memory errors.

Stress testing needs as:

Consider the following scenarios on stress testing –

During festival time, an online shopping site may witness a spike in traffic, or when it announces a sale or huge discounts on available products.
When a blog is published in a leading newspaper, it experiences a sudden surge in traffic.
It is imperative to perform Stress Testing to accommodate such abnormal traffic spikes. Failure to accommodate this sudden traffic may result in big loss of revenue and reputation.

Stress testing is also most valuable for the following reasons:

1. Check whether the system performed under abnormal conditions.
2. Displaying appropriate error message or validation message when the system is under stress.
3. System failure under extreme conditions could result in revenue loss and also possibility to break customer relations.
It is better to be prepared for extreme conditions by executing Stress Testing.

But Stress testing is to test the system behavior under extreme conditions and is carried out till the application failure.

Some information about load testing as:

Load testing does not break the system, but stress testing tries to break the system by testing with overwhelming data or resources.

Goals of stress testing:

The goal of stress testing is to analyze the behavior of the system after failure. For stress testing to be successful when the system should display appropriate error or validation message while it is under extreme conditions.

While conduct Stress Testing, sometimes, massive data sets may be used which may get lost during testing.

Testers should not loseĀ  security related important data while doing stress testing.

This test mainly determines the system on its robustness and error handling under extremely heavy load conditions. we can evaluate stress and load testing when concurrently many user will access the same application It even tests beyond the normal operating point and evaluates how the system works under those extreme conditions. Stress Testing is complete to make sure that the system would not crash under crunch situations.

Soon I will provide additional details about stress testing.


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