Web Testing: Important points about Usability Testing

I think the prefect information should be useful for increase your core knowledge and it will help to use in practical usability testing. Here you will see more details about Usability Testing.



Following Important points about Usability Testing are given in brief.



Test for navigation:

Navigation means how the user surfs the web site pages, different controls like buttons, text boxes and how to use of links on the web pages to surf different pages.

Usability testing includes:

More points are included in usability testing like web site should be easy to use. Instructions should be provided clearly and expressive. Check if the provided instructions are correct means whether they satisfy purpose also Main menu should be provided on each page.

Content checking:

Content should be logical, expressive and easy to understand. Check the spell errors. Use the dark color annoys users and should not be used in site theme. You can follow some standards that are used for web site pages and content building. These are common accepted standards like as I mentioned above about annoying colors, fonts, frames etc.

All the anchor text links should be work properly. Images should be placed properly with expected sizes.

Some other important information for user help:

Like search option, sitemap, help pages etc. Sitemap should be present with all the links in web sites with proper tree view navigation. Check the all main and sub links on the sitemap.

“Search in the site” option will help users to search the content pages they are looking for easily and quickly.

Benefits of Usability Testing

Usability testing helps to design and development teams identify problems before they are coded. The earlier issues are addressed and fixed, the less more expensive the fixes will be in terms of both staff time and possible impact to the schedule.  During a usability testing,
User will get teach if participants are able to complete specified tasks successfully and decide how long it takes to finish specified tasks

Find out how satisfied participants are with your Web application or other product application, Identify changes required to improve user performance and satisfaction and analyze the performance to see if it meets your usability testing objectives

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