what are the basics of ui ux

This is very interesting article on UI and UX part. This is actual incremental process, day by day we are searching the new ideas on UI UX. So now what are the basics of UI UX ?

what are the basics of ui ux

User Interface (UI)

Are you ready with new innovative ideas to design your system? You worked previously in DOS based applications and also currently with C language. It is capable of doing all sorts of fancy Science stuff, however the only limitation is it does not accept any user input. There is no way to communicate or show with the system for the normal user.

So now move to what are the basics of ui ux

Click in mind first step as User Interface. Any and every mode with which you can interact with the software is User Interface.

Today we have evolved from this,

C screen


To this


So we can successfully communicate with the system. The domain of UI ends here.


So you have added UI elements in your system and are feeling happier, but then you know that the users of your system still do not know how to use it. Now you have written for them, a bunch of documents and how to articles and shipped them with a special courier.

User Experience (UX)

Today, User Experience is the most important element. Also the most important driver of traffic, the backbone of reason. Why would users want to use your system when there are lots of others providing the same thing in a different way? Have a look at any Android base application. There would be at least a bunch of apps doing almost the same things on Play Store.

What makes you choose one? Now here UX part comes into picture. May it be color attractive themes, the branding, icons, branding Logo, the interaction with app, flexibilities etc. There is always something that ticks, and you go for one application over another.

UX works on PET principles. Persuasion, Emotion and Trust. This is not always trickery though. There are many factors that need to be considered here.

Brand values, branded logo, targeted audience, tone of website, etc. A Subway website will always use the same white yellow color logo even on their website. Consider this CSS tricks website’s page not found (example: 404) error. Here the target audience is web designers and developers.



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