What are the parameters of defect report in software testing

The article helps you to know as what are the parameters of defect report in software testing, also purpose of this article to share my practical industry experiences with all of you.

What are the parameters of defect report in software testing?

Before go with practical experiences. I am sharing basic information about defect tracking parameters, it requires compulsory.

Defect tracking parameters:

Defect Id

Priority – business or development team can decide

Severity – Testing team can decide

Created by – Tester Name

Created Date – Date of created defect

Assigned to – Developer Name

Resolved Date – This Date decided by developer

Resolved By – Developer Name

Status – New, IT Committed, Development, Ready for QA, In-Testing, Testing Successfully Completed.

Project name – Current module or project Name

Product name – Main Product Name

Release Version (e.g. 1.2.3)

Module – Module Name

Detected Build Version – 1.1.1, 1.1.2

Now we move to “what are the parameters of defect report in software testing”

Following parameters are included in defect report.

Defect Description/Title:

Test Data:


User ID –


Browser Name-

Other Test data –

Pre-requisite: If any

Steps to Reproduce:

Mention your steps one by one

Screenshot: Yes or No (Screenshot Name)

Actual Result:

Expected Result:

Note: if testers want to provide any kind of additional information to development team.

Here I am providing some guidelines before submit defect report.

Specified Test Data

Make sure that, test data what you have mentioned in the defect report, it should be a valid data as well as provided path/URL should be valid.

Reproduce Defect

Always provide proper steps and sufficient information to development team, then developer can reproduce same issue or observations on their system.

Objective Report

Provided report contents in objective and avoid subjective statements while preparing the defect report.


Always review at least once before submit defect report and confirm that all typos are removed.


Confirm at least once before submit, Defect screenshot attached or not. Attachments is the important evidences as per the tester point of view.

I think this is sufficient information at primary level about “What are the parameters of defect report in software testing”. This article definitely helps to beginners who’s going to start their career in testing.

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