Quality Assurance Testing

The article about core testing process in practical experience and it helps to start testing effectively. also through this page you will learn more.

Quality Assurance Testing Definitions:

Error: A human action that produces an incorrect result.

Fault: A manifestation of error.

Failure: When a fault is encountered, it may result in a failure. A failure may be caused by many faults or a fault can cause many failures.

Defect: Difference between Expected Result and Actual Result.

What is software Quality ?

Quality software is reasonably error or bug free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations.

However, quality is obviously a subjective term. (Customer’s point of view – Fit for use. Developer’s point of view – meeting customer requirements). It will depend on who the ‘customer’ is and their overall influence in the scheme of things. A wide-angle view of the customers of a software development project might include end-users, customer acceptance testers, customer contract officers, customer management, the development organization’s management, accountants and testers future software maintenance engineers, stockholders, magazine columnists, Each type of customer will have their own ‘quality’ – the accounting department might define quality in terms of profits while an end-user might define quality as user-friendly and bug-free

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Quality Assurance Entry and Exit Criteria

Entry Criteria:

Entry criterion is used to determine when the given test activity schedule should start. It also includes the beginning of a level of testing types, when test design or test execution is ready to start

Exit Criteria

Exit criterion is used to determine whether given test activity schedule has been completed or NOT. Exit criteria can be defined for all of the test activities right from initially planning, specification and execution.

Exit criterion should be part of test plan as per decided in the planning stage.

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