Important points in loadrunner

This article gives initial information about Load testing tools and some of more important points in LoadRunner. It is very informative and important article.


Important points in loadrunner

Load Testing Tools Available

  • Load Runner : HP
  • e-Load :Emprix
  • Silk Performer : Borland (Seague)
  • QALoad : Compuware
  • Rational Performance Tester : IBM Rational
  • Web Load : Radview
  • Neo Load : Neotys
  • Open STA : Open Source.


Recently many other paid and open source load testing tools are available in market.

Introduction to Loadrunner

  • Load Runner tools is a HP that predicts performance and behaviour of the system
  • By creating maximum of load, you can check how the system reacts at peak levels or with concurrent Users
  • Test the application, LoadRunner emulates an environment where multiple users work concurrently. When the application is under load, LoadRunner accurately measures and analyses the system performance, and its functionality. these are important points in loadrunner

Supporting Environments to Loadrunner

  • Application Deployment SolutionThe Citrix protocol.
  • Client/Server – MS SQL, ODBC, Oracle Web Applications 11i, Sybase Dblib, Windows Sockets, and DNS protocols.
  • Custom – Visual Basic templates, Java templates, Javascript, and VBScript type scripts.
  • Distributed Components – COM/DCOM, Corba-Java, and Rmi-Java protocols.
  • E-Business – FTP, LDAP, Palm, Web (HTTP/HTML), Web Services,
  • Enterprise Java Beans -EJB Testing and RMI-Java protocols.
  • ERP/CRM – Baan, Oracle NCA, PeopleSoft-Tuxedo, SAP-Web, SAPGUI/SAP-Web dual, and Siebel protocols.
  • Legacy

Terminal Emulation (RTE).

  • Mailing Services

Internet Messaging (IMAP), MS Exchange (MAPI) and SMTP.

  • Streaming

Media Player and RealPlayer protocols.

  • Wireless

i-Mode, VoiceXML, and WAP protocols


Supporting Environments

  • Platforms
    • NT, 2000, XP
    • HP
    • IBM
    • Linux

The Load Runner Solution

Virtual User Generator

Creates Scripts as one Single User.

LoadRunner Controller

Generates the load and collects the test results

LoadRunner Analysis

Compiles and displays test results with graphical and statistical tools to the users

LoadRunner Terminology:


  • Scenarios
    • Using LoadRunner, you divide your application performance testing requirements into high level scenarios.
    • A scenario defines the events that occur during each testing sessions.
    • For E.g. a scenario defines and controls the number of users to emulate, the actions that they perform, and the machines on which they run their emulations.
  • Vusers
    • In a scenario, LoadRunner replaces human users with virtual users (Vusers).
    • When you run a scenario, Vusers emulate the actions of human users—submitting input or requests to the server.
    • A scenario can contain hundreds, or even thousands of Vusers.

Soon I will publish more details about load testing.

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